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House System

From the start of school, all children are assigned to one of our four school houses: Ribble, Brock, Lune and Wyre. Competitive events – academic and sporting – are held throughout the school year. Points are assigned and the house with the most points at the end of the term has a 'dress as you like day'. Pupils are made very aware of how important it is to be either a humble winner, or a gracious loser. Competition is healthy and succeeds in bringing the very best out of children to enable them to 'shine from the inside out'. 

We believe that having a healthy body is linked to having a healthy mind and feeling good about oneself. We also see how sporting competition can contribute to children achieving positive academic outcomes. If well taught and well-organised, competitive sport is not only fun, it helps to build character. Qualities such as self-belief, determination, perseverance, courage, leadership and resilience can all be fostered through engagement in competitive sporting contests. Furthermore, sport can teach important values such as fairness, respect, discipline, grace and humility.

Our House Captains